GOP Debate: The Winners and Losers

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Republican presidential hopefuls converged Wednesday for one of the first major debates in the primary season and each candidate has claimed victory. Since that's impossible, TheStreet created its own GOP Scorecard, picking the winners and losers.

GOP presidential hopefuls debated on Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Bachmann's wave of popularity has waned since the Iowa straw poll -- which she won -- and the congresswoman certainly arrived with her same charisma. But she also delivered answers that sometimes avoided questions or sounded as if she misunderstood the questions.

The Good: Bachmann pounded on Obamacare and stuck to her promise to repeal it at all costs. She avoided questions at first about President Obama's choice to go into Libya, but when asked a second time she plainly said it was wrong for the president to go.

Maybe her best response was when asked about energy she focused on Environmental Protection Agency pressures on the coal industry. Bachmann said that pressures in the name of "green" standards would hurt the industry, which concerned her as she said coal provided some 45% of America's electricity.

The Bad: Bachmann sometimes totally avoided questions. She was asked how she would handle the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country in the event that the United States had already secured the border. Bachmann proceeded to spend most of her allotted time to say that she would secure the border with a fence and increased presence of law enforcement. Finally, the congresswoman said she would figure out a plan that wouldn't burden American taxpayers.

Bachmann also insisted she would get gas prices down below $2 a gallon, and sidestepped the fact that oil prices were determined by markets.

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