Pioneer Investments today announced the declaration of dividends for five closed-end funds for September 2011. The closing market price, annualized market price distribution rate, NAV, and NAV distribution rate are based on data as of September 1, 2011.
  Ex Date:       September 13, 2011
Record Date: September 15, 2011
Payable Date: September 30, 2011
Fund     Distribution    

Market Price

Market Price Distribution Rate


NAV Distribution Rate

Pioneer High Income Trust (NYSE:PHT) $0.1375 $16.29 10.13% $13.19 12.51%
Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (NYSE:PHD) $0.0850 $12.32 8.28% $12.22 8.35%

Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust (NYSE Amex:HNW) (a)    
$0.1600 $19.64 9.78% $19.47 9.86%

Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust (NYSE: MHI) $0.0950 $14.19 8.03% $13.73 8.30%
Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust (NYSE: MAV) $0.0950 $13.52 8.43% $12.49 9.13%

Taxable-Equivalent Distribution Rate at Market Price

Taxable-Equivalent Distribution Rate at NAV
Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust (NYSE: MHI)



Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust (NYSE: MAV)



Taxable-Equivalent Distribution Rate is computed using the maximum federal tax rate .


(a) HNW currently has a level distribution policy, which is intended to provide investors with a relatively stable monthly distribution. The level distribution policy is subject to regular review by the Board of Trustees to determine whether it continues to be in the best interests of the fund and its shareholders. There can be no assurance that this policy will be maintained in the future or maintained at its current level. Investors should not necessarily draw any conclusions about the fund's investment performance from the amount of this distribution or from the terms of the fund's level distribution policy.

At this time, HNW believes that a portion of its fiscal year-to-date cumulative distributions may include a return of capital in addition to net investment income and long-term capital gains. A return of capital is not a distribution of income or capital gains from the fund, does not necessarily reflect the fund's investment performance, and should not be considered "yield" or "income." The final determination of tax characteristics of the fund’s distributions will occur after the end of the year, at which time it will be reported to shareholders.

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