Payment Data Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: PYDS), an integrated electronic payments solutions provider, today announced that it will develop and deploy a wireless mobile payments application branded as “ iRemotePay” The application will be initially deployed for the iPhone ®, iPad ®, and iTouch ®. Plans are to implement for Android phones at a future date.

The application will include a card reader device for the iPhone which enables a merchant to process credit card and ACH payments (e-Checks) over the wireless networks from remote locations and view these payment transactions while away from the office.

This application strategy is completely compatible with PDS’ market strategy which targets large enterprises with large customer bases and which have a need for remote payment processing applications on a full-time basis or just for special events. It is also targeted to smaller companies, such as HVAC or plumbing services, that have a need for wireless payment applications.

iRemotePay is unique from other mobile payment solutions in three key ways:
  • it is targeted to merchants that have one or multiple devices in their service market but have a need for a common settlement account;
  • it will allow the entry and processing of ACH payments (e-Checks); and
  • it is processor independent which means iRemotePay can act as a gateway to the merchant’s existing merchant processor who may not be Payment Data.

Additionally iRemotePay will be integrated with our back-office applications which enable the sale to be authorized and approved and then provide real-time access to view the completed transaction by the merchant’s accounting department or at the remote location by the person that entered the information.

iRemotePay also is being deployed with fully encrypted end-to-end transactions. Therefore it is being designed to be fully compliant with all current and future PCI security requirements.

iRemotePay is specifically designed for remote wireless applications. The following serves as a list of examples:
  • Special remote events;
  • Concerts;
  • Taxis and Limousines;
  • Plumbers and Electricians;
  • Installers and Repairmen;
  • Door to Door Sales;
  • Utility Companies’ On-Site Collections;
  • Flea Market Vendors;
  • Any Remote Sales Merchant.

iRemotePay features include:
  • Secure Payment Processing with end to end encryption of transaction data;
  • Allows our customer to leverage their existing wireless plan;
  • Internet-based reporting;
  • Back office support for corporate office or remote personnel so each can immediately view transactions as soon as a sale is made;
  • Integrated telephone and Web-based transaction reporting through all of our back-office applications such as fraud control and CSR View product;
  • Fast merchant setup time - as fast as 24 hours;
  • Supports all card types;
  • Supports entry and payment for ACH processing (e-checks).

Louis Hoch, President and COO of Payment Data Systems, Inc., said “iRemotePay is a great addition to our mobile-based merchant processing platform. Removing the need for fixed-location card entry terminals and taking advantage of an existing tool that is carried by tens of millions of people and simultaneously provides speed, security, and convenience for both the customer and the merchant representative clearly addresses the needs of the marketplace today and in the future.”

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