2. The Mineral Management Services estimates that the U.S. Atlantic shelf holds 7.2 billion barrels of oil and 27.5 trillion cubic feet of gas. Of the 6 trillion barrels of oil stored in shale in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, 1.6 trillion barrels reside in recoverable deposits greater than the minimum threshold of 15 gallons per ton. Oil priced at $80 a barrel and natural gas priced at $4 per cubic foot puts total U.S. oil and gas holding in the $100's of trillions range. The MMS estimates that there are currently 85.9 billion barrels of oil and 419.9 trillion cubit feet of natural gas that are technically recoverable from all federal offshore areas .

3. Peter Orszag, director of Office of Management and Budget, estimated in 2010 that the Federal government owns 14,000 buildings that are categorized as excess and another 55,000 buildings that were under or not utilized. Camp Pendleton in Southern California is 125,000 acres of beachfront property, valued in excess of $50 billion. Eglin Air Force Base in Florida is more than 400,000 acres with 30 miles of prime beach frontage. It is estimated that the Federal Government owns 42% of all United States land .

These real estate holdings are so expansive that it is near impossible to apply a value. Needless to say, the value of U.S. owned land extends into the $100's of trillions. The National Parks System manages about 83 million acres. Yellowstone has 2.2 million acres of land valued at more than $4 billion. What about the value of U.S. embassies abroad? What billionaire wouldn't want to own the U.S. embassy compound in London? You get the point. How much would the privatization of Washington DC yield?

4. Apple is projected to have $150 billion in cash by 2013. President Obama announced that U.S. corporations have $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets . The monetary indicator, M2, which is mostly cash, checking accounts, savings deposits and retail money market funds has soared up 24.2%, or $500 billion, in June and July as European capital makes its way to the safe haven of the United States. Total M2 is $9.3 trillion. The United States is awash with liquidity everywhere you look.

5. The United States owns the world's largest gold reserve as Fort Knox is believed to contain 8,965 tons which is presently valued near $500 billion.

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