5. Washington
Number of breweries: 123
Capita per brewery: 54,671
Production in 2010: 4.15 million barrels
Consumed per capita in 2010: 19.1 gallons
Bud and Coors aren't brewed here and much of Washington doesn't seem to mind. Craft beer alone holds 25.5% of the beer market in the Seattle area, according to Beer Marketer's Insights, which is more than MillerCoors' 25.3% share and A-B's 23.8%.

That's what can happen when your state has the second-most breweries in the country and the eighth-best capita per brewery in the nation. It also helps to have some old friends such as Pyramid Breweries and Redhook Ale Brewery still calling your state home, even if their corporate masters are based elsewhere.

Perhaps the most surprising contribution comes from a brewer that few beer enthusiasts would deign to call "craft": Mike's Hard Lemonade. The Seattle-based brewer has turned its colorful, fruity malt beverages into a 1.2-million-barrel-producing beast last year after pushing out only 805,000 just four years earlier. In the geographic cradle of craft beer where no macro dares to tread, Mike's is the closest Washington comes to a big brewer.

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