5 Considerations for a Foodie Kitchen

BOSTON ( MainStreet) -- Cooking is more important than eating.

At least one might get that impression when looking at what experts say adds value to a home. Scan listings for sales in your area and odds are you'll see the kitchen getting far more focus than the dining room.

In an era of foodie magazines and eat-centric cable channels, more and more people want to be an at-home variation of Bobby Flay or Paula Dean.

But while the Emerils of the world have their pick of restaurants or sponsor-equipped TV kitchens to whisk, dice and saute in, most of us have more limited means. There are still plenty of ways to craft and remodel a kitchen worthy of your gourmet aspirations, though.

Here are some suggestions for a kitchen that offers both "wow factor" and useful amenities. They may not make you a better cook, but they will make you a more impressive one:

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