Net2Phone, a subsidiary of IDT Telecom, today launched Mobitalker, the first tri-mode international calling application for mobile smartphones.

Mobitalker is the new mobile smartphone application that enables low cost international calls using VoIP or traditional switched telephony from every country worldwide at significant savings over the local mobile service providers. The application allows users to make calls by choosing between three different call types, depending on their preferences and locations.

“Mobitalker is at the leading edge of mobile telephony applications” said Jonah Fink, Senior Vice President of Net2Phone. “With smartphone adoption exploding worldwide, there is an almost endless pool of end users who will benefit from Mobitalker.”

Mobitalker is available for the iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Symbian (Nokia) operating systems with Blackberry and Windows Mobile coming soon. With Mobitalker, smartphone users can reach out to their family, friends, and business contacts worldwide while saving significantly on their international telephony costs. For a complete description of how Mobitalker works, please visit

The number of smartphone users is expected to exceed the 1 billion mark by 2013, according to a study by Informa Telecoms & Media. Net2Phone distributors are taking advantage of this massive market expansion by offering Mobitalker, Net2Phone’s international calling application that allows users to make high quality, low cost, international calls. For more information on becoming a Mobitalker distributor, please visit

About Net2Phone:

Net2Phone, a subsidiary of IDT Telecom, is a global provider of voice over data network solutions. IDT Telecom is a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), a consumer services company with operations primarily in the telecommunications and energy industries.

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