We’ve combined operations in some select geographies, we’re conducting specialized training as I mentioned using WESCO University. We’re extending core capabilities that were captive or resident in a certain part of the business across our entire business enterprise. One is the terrific capability for lead identification, generation and qualification. It’s a centralized high quality team that feels across our entire branch network. We’ve alluded to that in the past. It’s a capability we acquired when we acquired CSC and we built on that, added resources, added significant domain knowledge across the entire portfolio. And it is a big part of our demand generation and front end of our sales management process.

And we’ve adjusted some compensation and incentive plans to promote more team work across boundaries. So I think all in all, the results for us are very encouraging and net-net it is translating into some significant One WESCO I will call them customer wins.

David, Andrea Les and Andy will be a spotlighting number of these wins in their various presentations and I think you will begin to see the power of the broad portfolio that we have been able to bring more and more of that to bear on our customers needs, applications and operations.

This is a page that just outlines the breadth and depth of our portfolio and you can see it here. It’s extensive, coupled with our business models it gives us the opportunity to really provide that complete solution to our customers. I would encourage you if you haven’t had the chance already, either at the break or at the cocktail hour, to take a look at what we have displayed in the foyer.

We have a sampling of our product portfolio out in the foyer. Specifically we have a series of lighting products, two of the utility products, data and broadband communications products. We also have solar products this year and some general electrical products. So we tried to spotlight and highlight a number of the products that we will be drilling down in these various growth engine drilled outs.

Let’s shift to acquisitions. Our strategy hasn’t changed. Our strategy is to expand our product and service portfolio and to strengthen our position in the local market. As we've done and has been our practice historically, we've remained very focused on acquiring well-run companies with strong management teams. From our perspective today, the industry remains highly fragmented with many profitable niches. The analogy reviewed before is there is no Wal-Mart in any of our addressable wholesale distribution verticals today, highly fragmented, many opportunities.

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