MRV Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MRVC) ("MRV" or the "Company"), a leading provider of optical communications network infrastructure equipment and integration and managed services, today announced a lineup of hybrid Network Interface Devices (NID) for the award-winning OptiSwitch® Carrier Ethernet access series. Hybrid NID functionality is a new capability for access equipment located at the customer premises and enables service providers and cable operators to reduce equipment requirements and increase manageability while jointly deploying and managing their rapidly growing portfolio of Ethernet services.

Carrier Ethernet-based services are one of the fastest growing business offerings on the market today. These services enable seamless bandwidth growth, scalability and cost effective solutions for future applications, such as mobile and wireline high-capacity services. However, since the Carrier Ethernet market is based on the dynamics of multi-operator environments to cover geographically dispersed customers, it requires a new view of the customer located equipment.

Many Ethernet services require the cooperation of two service providers or cable operators to create an end-to-end service and this requires two customer devices – one for each service provider. The OptiSwitch Hybrid NID capability gives both service providers and cable operators the ability to simultaneously monitor and manage the same Carrier Ethernet demark device located at a customer’s site in their partners out-of-franchise network. This feature is critical to maintaining service quality and reducing both capital and operational expenditures, while it also enables more manageable and scalable Carrier Ethernet service offerings.

“Carrier Ethernet is becoming the pervasive network technology because it enables creative and important new packet-based services,” said David Stehlin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MRV’s Optical Communications Systems™ (OCS) division. “As a result, there is now a critical need for providers to efficiently hand off packet-based services between networks. The hybrid NID technology now included in our OptiSwitch family of products is a key innovation that increases manageability, lowers capital expense and facilitates consistent regional, national and global Ethernet services.”

MRV is currently working with the MEF and CableLabs® to define industry standards for the hybrid NID. These protocols are being incorporated into MRV’s Carrier Ethernet portfolio. As part of MRV’s contribution to this standards work, they will host a meeting of the CableLabs DPoE™ working group at the MRV headquarters. In addition, MRV will demonstrate the hybrid NID capability for two service providers to simultaneously manage an OptiSwitch Hybrid NID at the CableLabs Summer Conference.

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