Stream Global Services, Inc., (NYSE AMEX: SGS), a premium, global business process outsource (“BPO”) service provider specializing in customer relationship management services for Fortune 1000 companies, has announced the opening of the company’s custom-built facility in Suzhou, China, with Cisco as the site’s first customer. Stream’s entrance into the mainland Chinese market responds to growing interest in China by the company’s clients, and expands the company’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region. With the launch of its Suzhou operations, Stream now has a presence in 23 countries, spanning North America, the Caribbean and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Stream’s Asia Pacific operations include a substantial presence in the Philippines, as well as India and China.

“We have listened to our clients, and Stream’s expansion into China reflects our ongoing commitment to be where our clients want to grow,” said Kathryn Marinello, Chairman and CEO of Stream. “Stream is well-positioned to bring our best-in-class, globally consistent operational methodology to an increasing range of potential clients, while also ensuring a high level of customer service. A number of our existing multinational technology clients have already expressed interest in expanding with Stream into China in order to provide native Mandarin and Cantonese voice services to a growing customer base.”

Stream’s China facility is located within the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in Jiangsu province, in close proximity to Shanghai. With a population of 6 million, Suzhou has been rated a “Top 5” business location in China by Fortune Magazine. SIP was established in 1994 as a unique joint development project between the Chinese Central Government and the government of Singapore, and quickly became one of the most successful and competitive economic development zones in China. With redundant power and telecommunications sources, SIP hosts more than 3,800 foreign-invested companies, with over 100 multinational R&D, logistics and regional headquarters, making Suzhou one of the most established BPO zones in China.

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About Stream Global Services, Inc.

Stream Global Services is a premium business process outsource (BPO) service provider specializing in customer relationship management including sales, customer care and technical support for Fortune 1000 companies. Stream is the provider of choice to some of the world’s leading technology, computing, telecommunications, retail, entertainment/media, as well as healthcare and financial services companies. Our service programs are delivered through a set of standardized best practices and sophisticated technologies by a highly skilled workforce of approximately 32,000 employees based out of 50 service centers in 23 countries supporting more than 35 languages. Stream continues to expand its global presence and service offerings to increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies and drive brand loyalty for its clients. To learn more about the company and its complete service offering, please visit

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