iShares Utilities ex-US ETF ( AXUT) follows the MSCI All Country World ex-USA Utilities Index which is a market cap weighted index of developed and emerging market countries. The fund was launched in July 2010.

The expense ratio is .48%. AUM equal $2.57 million and average daily trading volume is only 1.4K shares. As of late July 2011 the annual dividend was $.55 making the current yield 1.05% and YTD return of 1%. With a fund this young but with a sponsor this big you would intuitively believe the fund will grow over time.

An alternative is another relatively young issue from EG shares GEMS Utilities ETF ( UGEM)) follows the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Utilities Titans Index. It was launched in June 2011. It bears watching as well.

Here are AXUT's top 10 holdings and weightings. They are 1. E.ON Aktiengesellschaft (EOAN): 7.44%; 2. GDF Suez (GSZ): 6.76%; 3. Enel Societa Per Azioni (ENEL): 6.66%; 4. National Grid PLC (NG.): 5.17%; 5. Iberdrola, S.A. (IBE): 5.10%; 6. Centrica PLC (CPYYF): 3.79%; 7. Rwe AG (RWE): 3.61%; 8. Scottish and Southern Energy PLC (SSEZF): 3.06%; 9. CLP Holdings Limited (CLPHF): 2.71%; 10. Fortum Oyj (FOJCF): 2.12%.

There are no effective charts to view at this time for AXUT.

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