SDIX™ (NASDAQ: SDIX), a leading supplier of rapid detection solutions to the $1 billion food pathogen testing market, today announced that the company is introducing two new food pathogen monitoring tools at the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, taking place from July 31 through August 3.

As the next generation in environmental Listeria testing, SDIX will be introducing the RapidChek® Listeria F.A.S.T.™ test system – Fast Accurate Sensitive Technology. The RapidChek F.A.S.T. system provides a one-step detection of Listeria species from various environmental surfaces in as little as 24 hours. The simplified protocol and next-day results provide food processors with earlier product release, while maintaining highly accurate results.

To enable data management capability for the RapidChek platform, SDIX will also be introducing the SDIX RapidScan™ Data Management System. The RapidScan system is comprised of a reader and proprietary software that allows for the objective interpretation of RapidChek pathogen detection strips and the electronic integration of the results into laboratory information management systems (LIMS), eliminating operator interpretation and transcription errors.

Tim Lawruk, Food Safety Market Manager at SDIX, said, “The introduction of these new systems marks an important expansion of our Food Safety product portfolio. The addition of the SDIX RapidScan data management and LIMS integration capability to the RapidChek workflow will provide food testing laboratories with a cost-effective solution that enhances the simplicity and accuracy of our process monitoring approach. In addition, the introduction of the RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. system will provide food processors with the first true 24-hour test method for the detection of Listeria on environmental surfaces. The advantages of releasing product even 2-4 hours faster include lower storage requirements and extended product shelf-life, both of which provide important economic benefits. The RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. system will be a valuable tool as all federally and state inspected meat and poultry plants in the United States look to comply with the USDA-FSIS mandated ‘test and hold’ program for product being tested for pathogens.”

Added Klaus Lindpaintner, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at SDIX, “As a leader in antibody development and antibody-based pathogen detection systems, SDIX continues to work towards expanding our product line to provide pathogen testing solutions to the industry that are simple to use, highly dependable, and economically attractive. We believe that our products are ideally suited to meet processors’ needs for high feasibility pathogen testing, thus allowing them to comply with regulatory requirements, while responsibly contributing to enhancing public health and safety.”

RapidChek® and RapidChek® SELECT™ are easy to use, accurate and affordable pathogen detection systems. Each test provides an integrated solution that includes optimized reagents for both enrichment and detection. The proprietary enrichment media ensures superior recovery and growth of the target pathogen, if present in the food sample, and the test strips provide clear and rapid results. Currently, RapidChek methods are available for the detection of E. coli O157 (including H7), Salmonella species, Listeria species and Salmonella Enteritidis.

For more information, please visit SDIX at Booth 900 at the International Association of Food Protection Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, WI, July 31 through August 2.

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SDIX is a biotechnology company with a core expertise in creating better antigens, better antibodies and better assays for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food safety markets. For over 20 years, SDIX has been a leading immuno-solutions company, developing results-oriented and innovative antibody-based solutions that enable customers to meet high performance research, diagnostic and commercialization objectives.

In the life science market, SDIX’s technology and capabilities are being used to help discover disease mechanisms, facilitate development of new drugs and provide antibodies and assays for the diagnosis of disease. In the food safety market, SDIX continues to expand its footprint as an international supplier of rapid pathogen test technologies that enable more accurate and cost-effective results.

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