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AptarGroup ( ATR) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pumps, container closures and aerosol valves for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage markets. It's that unique niche that affords Aptar such an attractive economic moat. While other packaging and container manufacturers may prefer to develop their own dispensing systems, the costs and developmental challenges of creating their own offerings are often prohibitive. As a result, Aptar currently controls an impressive chunk of the market.

More than half of Aptar's profits come from the pharmaceutical segment, where the firm is able to command deeper margins for its more advanced dispensing technologies. Because of the added levels of government regulation that police pharmaceutical packaging, Aptar's pharma customers are also stickier than those of its other business lines.

Aptar boasts a strong balance sheet right now, with a positive net cash position, relatively little debt and plenty of liquidity. That's good news for fans of this stock's dividend. Last week, the firm's management announced a 22.2% dividend increase that puts the firm's current yield at 1.72%.

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