Runco WindowWall (starting at $100,000)
Know all those crazy bright, crazy cool, crazy big displays you see in Times Square, Shanghai or Berlin? That's basically the WindowWall -- but it goes into your house. Think of the WindowWall as a series of state-of-the-art Runco displays mounted one after the other to make as big a tiled image as you like. This array of displays is then controlled by the company's state-of-the-art signal processor and image technology, so you can watch one giant feed or put a separate signal in each set if you like.

Be warned: Do not attempt this sort of installation without serious professional help. You are pushing the bounds of reflected light, weight, mounting, power distribution, inputs, control and, believe it or not, heat.

But all of those are merely annoying details. Assuming you have the half-million dollars for a system such as this, just imagine what the kickoff to the Super Bowl will look like. And what you will look like after what will be the greatest football party ever. Trust me, those Giants season tickets will look pretty darn superfluous.

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