Xueda Education Group (NYSE: XUE) (“Xueda”), the leading national provider of personalized tutoring services for primary and secondary school students in China, today announced that it will organize the 2011 International Conference on Personalized Education, entitled, “Striving to Provide a Suitable Education for Every Student,” to be held in Beijing on August 13 and 14, 2011.

Approved by the Department of Education, the theme of the conference is “The personalized education and all-round development of students: theory, practice and innovation.” Since China’s reform and opening up, this is the first time personalized education will be addressed as a main discussion topic in a high-profile international conference.

The event will be jointly presented by the Chinese Society of Education and the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education. In recognition of Xueda’s leading role in personalized education, Xueda has been selected to serve as the organizer for the event. Supporting organizations include Asia-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Association, China Education Association for International Exchange, National Academy of Education Administration, China National Institute for Education Research, China Education Television (CETV), China Education News Agency, and the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals.

The conference will focus on examining the guiding principles of China’s “National Medium and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development Project Summary (2010-2020)” as they relate to individual and personalized education. Through an extensive collection of dissertations and seminars, the significance of personalized education to the development of students’ personalities and creative talents will be explored and analyzed. The papers to be presented at the conference will be published as China’s first “Dissertations on Personalized Education.” Consequently, the conference is expected to contribute to the scientific development of personalized education for primary and secondary school students.

China’s primary and secondary school principals, key teachers, scholars, and domestic and international education experts have been invited to participate in this conference. It is expected that more than 700 principals of high schools and middle schools will attend the conference. Additionally, top educators from around the world are expected to be in attendance.

Mr. Xin Jin, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xueda, commented, “We are very pleased to have been selected as the organizer of the International Conference on Personalized Education. As the largest provider of personalized tutoring for primary and secondary school students in China, Xueda is strongly committed to improving both the theory and practice of personalized education. This conference is a big step in that direction.”

Last March, famed educator Mr. Gu Mingyuan affirmed Xueda’s approach, noting, “Xueda’s proposed personalized education is very important to the enhancement of the concept of education; it is worth promoting.”

About Xueda Education Group

Xueda Education Group (“Xueda”) is the leading national provider of tutoring services for primary and secondary school students in China with a focus on offering personalized tutoring services. According to IDC, Xueda is the largest provider of primary and secondary school tutoring services in China in terms of revenue for the year of 2009 and operates the largest tutoring service network in terms of number of cities covered. Since opening its first learning center in 2004, Xueda has organically built an extensive tutoring service network comprised of 218 learning centers and over 10,100 full-time service professionals, serving customers located in 54 economically developed cities across 27 of China’s 31 provinces and municipalities.

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