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9. Emerson Radio ( MSN)

Company Profile: Emerson Radio is one of the largest volume consumer electronics distributors in the U.S., designing DVD players, audio accessories, microwave ovens, home theater, high end audio products, office products, mobile stereo and wireless products.

Earnings Reporting Date: July 14 (unconfirmed)

Current Share Price: $2

2011 Share Price Performance: 1%

Analyst Ratings: No Wall Street research shop follows Emerson Radio.

What To Watch For: In the company's fiscal third quarter, Emerson Radio's bottom line benefitted from a realized gain on the sale of an auction rate security. Without that gain, net income would have fallen from a year ago. Revenue also dropped from a year ago, although Emerson has been effective in cutting SG&A and operating costs. Investors should keep an eye on Emerson's cost-cutting abilities and whether it can grow revenue after a challenging fiscal third quarter.

8. Joe's Jeans ( JOEZ)

Company Profile: Joe's Jeans designs, sources and distributes its Joe's and Joe's Jeans branded apparel products, including denim-wear and denim-related products, to over 1,200 retail locations.

Earnings Reporting Date: July 11 (confirmed)

Current Share Price: 86 cents

2011 Share Price Performance: -44%

Analyst Ratings: Three research shops, including Roth Capital Partners, have a "neutral" or "hold" rating on Joe's Jeans. The only other firm with coverage, EVA Dimensions, has a "sell" rating on the stock.

What To Watch For: Joe's Jeans saw its operating profit plummet from nearly $2 million in the fourth quarter of 2010 to only $523,000 in the first quarter. That came as revenue fell to $21.2 million while total operating expenses increased due to a jump in SG&A expenses. One transition investors should pay close attention to has been the contribution of the company's retail segment compared to wholesale.

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