iBio, Inc. (NYSE AMEX: IBIO) today announced successful production of human plasma proteins using its proprietary iBioLaunch technology. Human alpha 1-antitrypsin and human C1 esterase inhibitor were successfully produced at high yield in green plants via the Company’s proprietary iBioLaunch technology. Both of these proteins are important therapeutic products, but until now they have been made from human blood.

These positive results were realized in iBio’s ongoing development program in which various product candidates are being advanced toward regulatory approval on the iBioLaunch platform, each chosen for its evident commercial value and its utility in representing a class of products that is expected to become an important market for iBio and its collaborators.

“The efficiency of iBio’s technology offers traditional plasma protein producers the opportunity to move away from reliance on the human blood supply and introduce recombinant alternatives free of any animal or human cell or tissue components,” said Robert Kay, iBio’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This is particularly important to physicians and patients since products made from human blood may contain infectious agents such as viruses that can cause disease.”

Plasma-derived C1esterase inhibitor is an Orphan Drug approved by the FDA to treat or prevent the symptoms of hereditary angioedema (HAE). In addition, this protein has been used in Europe for more than thirty-five years to treat acute symptoms of HAE, and is the subject of multiple research programs investigating its potential use in the treatment of other inflammatory diseases. Annual global sales of HAE treatments are expected to exceed $1 billion as new treatment options penetrate the market.

Plasma-derived alpha 1-antitrypsin is supplied by several companies for treatment of emphysema due to deficiency of this protein, and several preclinical and clinical research programs suggest it also may be useful in additional applications such as the treatment of diabetes and certain types of asthma. Worldwide annual sales of alpha 1-antitrypsin are approximately $500 million.

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