5. Pricey libations
Something as simple as an extra mocha latte or a bottle of sparkling water can feel like a splurge when you're on vacation. Many find the alcoholic beverages they don't indulge in at home add an extra "spirit" to their vacation.

"Even if I'm at some place where beer is $15, I'm still going to drink a few ... It's vacation," says Craig Guillot, another frequent traveler.

6. People watching
Watching people go about their daily routine is entertaining, and there's no place better place to do it than at an outdoor cafe or coffee shop.

"Having a pot or two of tea and spending a few hours at a cafe or pub just enjoying the atmosphere feels like a splurge to me," says Kerry Dexter, who travels frequently between the U.S., Scotland and Ireland.

7. Reading material
Vacations might be an escape, but many travelers don't feel their vacation is complete without squeezing in a bit of time to read at the beach or cafe. Facebook pages everywhere are all abuzz this time of the year with people seeking great beach book suggestions. Whether you're buying the actual book or loading up your Kindle, this is a splurge that keeps on giving long after the vacation is over.

8. Ordering dessert
The no-nos of our real lives suddenly have no sugar content or calories when we're on vacation.

"Whenever I'm traveling and out for dinner, I almost always end up ordering creme brulee," traveler Stephanie Auteri says. "It's not something that's typically available at most of the eateries I frequent on a weekly basis, so it always feels like a special treat when I order it on vacation."

9. Web surfing, movies and games
Internet connections at hotels and especially on cruise ships can be a little pricey, depending on the hotel and location, but many people feel it's a splurge just to stay connected at all. In the same light, splurging on movies and games, especially for the kids, may make the time away from home even more special.

10.Having brunch
Let's face it, when we're in our real lives, most of us are doing good to wolf down a bowl of cereal or a granola bar, especially during the week. Enjoying a late, fancy brunch with our loved ones is a treat.

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