Hagan: Sure. But in some cases we power their solutions so we have a wholesale business or a private label business where we partner with companies that want to provide Wi-Fi services to their end users.

A couple examples would be Skype and Verizon ( VZ). We're a standalone Wi-Fi company so if someone wants to buy Wi-Fi services and they just want a Wi-Fi service plan without other things attached to it, we're the right place to go.

If they want a bundled solution, maybe from their provider of cable or other telephony services, we can power those as well on a wholesale basis. So, in terms of how people get Wi-Fi services, we don't really care. We want to be a contributor to the overall ecosystem and we benefit from both wholesale and retail business.

So that's explains why on my Verizon iPhone, I see a little Boingo symbol. Right?

Hagan: That's correct. We power the Verizon Wi-Fi solution.

What is then your outlook for the rest of the year?

Hagan: So we're excited. Right. We're a newly hatched public company. We've got great growth prospects. The proliferation of Wi-Fi devices along with the bandwidth that people are now consuming on these devices because of all the app development. So people are finding new and interesting ways to use Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks and that's created a capacity crunch on the cellular networks.

We've all experienced the issues where you're trying to do something with the data side, not the voice but data, with your cellular phone, your smartphone and it doesn't work very well. So that's created the need for more and more Wi-Fi networks.

We're going to build out a lot of those Wi-Fi networks and then we will partner with other companies who are also building out Wi-Fi networks to make it easy for people with a smart phone or a tablet or a PC or a whatever device they may have to seek out and get easily connected to those networks, so we think we're at this incredible inflection point in the industry.

In the past, Wi-Fi only made sense where people carry laptops. Now, Wi-Fi makes sense literally everywhere. Anywhere people are congregating. Right here in Times Square. Where there are a lot of people trying to take photos, upload it to Facebook, Wi-Fi is a great solution to carry that traffic.

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