Deutsche Bank today announced the rebranding of five Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to join its recently launched db-X suite of products, doubling the number of ETFs offered under its “db-X” umbrella. The five funds, previously known as the TDX Independence Funds, are now known as the db-X Target Date Funds.

The db-X Target Date Funds are a suite of ETFs that seek to track the Zacks Lifecycle indexes and are designed to provide investors with a single investment to diversify across domestic equities, international equities and fixed income, based on a fixed investment horizon. Each db-X Target Date Fund’s name will continue to correspond to a specified “target” year. The db-X Target Date Funds’ underlying indexes and trading symbols have not changed. Collectively, the db-X Target Date Funds have approximately $134 million in assets as of June 21, 2011.

On June 9, Deutsche Bank’s db-X Group launched five currency-hedged ETFs designed to provide investors with direct exposure to international equity markets while seeking to eliminate the impact of currency fluctuations. On June 17, the db-X Target Date Funds joined these ETFs under the “db-X” umbrella. Listed below are the new and former names of each db-X Target Date Fund.

Previous: TDX Independence 2010 ETF New: db-X 2010 Target Date Fund (NYSE Ticker: TDD)

Previous: TDX Independence 2020 ETF New: db-X 2020 Target Date Fund (NYSE Ticker: TDH)

Previous: TDX Independence 2030 ETF New: db-X 2030 Target Date Fund (NYSE Ticker: TDN)

Previous: TDX Independence 2040 ETF New: db-X 2040 Target Date Fund (NYSE Ticker: TDV)

Previous: TDX Independence In-Target ETF New: db-X In-Target Date Fund (NYSE Ticker: TDX)

Deutsche Bank’s db-X Group is a leading global provider of exchange-traded products (ETPs) currently with $67 billion in assets under management (AUM) in the U.S., Europe and Asia and more than 200 products offered. In the U.S., Deutsche Bank currently offers 49 ETPs with approximately $14.5 billion in AUM.

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