Financial Engines and the Pension Research Council (PRC) today announced the agenda for the Financial Engines / PRC Retirement Income Summit taking place on June 21, 2011 in Chicago. The summit will highlight the latest retirement income research from behavioral experts and economists as well as bring together thought leaders from academia, the plan sponsor community, and leading legal and regulatory experts.

“The Retirement Income Summit provides a unique opportunity for public policy officials, industry leaders, academics and plan sponsors to engage in thoughtful discussion on issues related to helping retirees turn their defined contribution plan savings into steady retirement income,” explained Christopher Jones, chief investment officer at Financial Engines and moderator of the event. “We believe that all parties have important roles to play in helping near-retirees and retirees tackle the complex and important issue of translating asset balances into retirement income.”

Human Resource and Treasury executives from approximately two dozen large employers representing a cross-section of industries are expected to attend the invitation-only event. The following distinguished speakers are scheduled to present at the Retirement Income Summit:
Michael L. Davis
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Employee Benefits Security Administration
John Shoven
Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Wallace R. Hawley Director, Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research
Financial Engines Board Member
Jeffrey R. Brown
William G. Karnes Professor of Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Associate Director, National Bureau Economic Research Center for Retirement Research
Christopher Jones,
Chief Investment Officer, Financial Engines
Jason Scott,
Managing Director, Financial Engines Retiree Research Center

Topics to be discussed during the Retirement Income Summit include:
  • The evolution of 401(k) plans from accumulation vehicles to sources of retirement income
  • A regulator’s perspective on retirement income in defined contribution (DC) plans
  • The nature of participant choice in DC plans
  • The role and perspective of plan sponsors in delivering retirement income solutions
  • How near-retirees make decisions around when to claim Social Security
  • What issues the next generation of retirement income solutions need to address

“Americans are more worried about old-age security than ever before,” said Olivia Mitchell, executive director of the Pension Research Council. “As waves of Baby Boomers move into retirement, it is essential to devise and provide tools that can help manage their decumulation process. I applaud all those working so hard to respond to these needs.”

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