In many ways, Jim’s major contribution was in making complex analog circuits understandable to the engineering community. He had the rare ability to develop a complicated circuit for one-time use, and then provide enough background for general use, writing it up so that engineers could easily understand. Over the years, Jim was a highly prolific and accomplished writer, authoring over 350 publications related to analog circuit design, including dozens of Linear Technology application notes and articles for EDN magazine. He edited and contributed his writings to two books on analog design in the 1990s and his forthcoming book, Analog Circuit Design: A Tutorial Guide to Applications and Solutions, edited with Linear Technology’s Bob Dobkin will be published this summer by Elsevier/Newnes Publishing .

Jim Williams was named Innovator of the Year by EDN magazine in 1992 and elected to Electronic Design Hall of Fame in 2002. His outside interests spanned sports cars, collecting antique scientific instruments, art, and restoring (and using) old Tektronix oscilloscopes.

“Next to his wife Siu, Jim lived electronics. Electronics was his art, his hobby and his humor,” stated Bob Dobkin, Linear Technology Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer. “Jim’s mantra of building your own prototypes and testing them taught tens of thousands of engineers the right way to get a working design off a sheet of paper and into production.”

Bob Swanson, Linear Technology Executive Chairman, stated, “The entire world of analog electronics has lost one of its greatest champions and teachers.”

Lothar Maier, Linear Technology CEO, stated, “Jim is a part of the fabric of Linear Technology, and his presence, contributions and inspiration will be greatly missed. Jim, like the circuits he designed, is timeless and will be forever remembered. His unique gift as an engineer allowed him to invent, teach and communicate complex analog ideas, being an inspiring force to countless engineers.”

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