Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. celebrates 25 years of investing in the Asia-Pacific region with today’s closing bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange. Aberdeen’s U.S. fund directors, executives and guests visit the exchange to honor the Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc. (NYSE: FAX) and the Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund, Inc. (NYSE: IAF).

Opportunities in Asia-Pacific Region

“U.S. investors are increasingly seeking to diversify their investments into global markets. Our investors in the Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund have been at the forefront of this trend for 25 years," noted Gerry Malone, Chairman of Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc. "We believe Asia and Australia are some of the world's most dynamic economic regions, which positions FAX to continue to provide an attractive income opportunity for investors."

About the Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income, Fund Inc. (NYSE: FAX)
  • The fund invests $2.6 billion on behalf of clients (as of May 2011)
  • Launched in 1986, the fund invested exclusively in Australia and New Zealand bonds; the fund expanded to Asian bonds in 1997.
  • 67.3% of the funds assets are rated, or judged by the Investment Manager to be “A” or better
  • 44.2% invested in Australian securities; 51.4% in Asian bonds and the remaining investing in companies primarily conducting business in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • For more information, including current portfolio manager commentary, visit http://www.aberdeenfax.com/
  • A short five minute film celebrating this fund’s anniversary may be watched at www.aberdeenfax.tv

Opportunities in Australian Equities

" Australia is particularly interesting as a prudently managed, developed country located at the base of Asia, which positions many world class, Australian companies to benefit from both a sound domestic economy and the rapid development of Asia," stated Neville Miles, Chairman of Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund, Inc. "The key for the Australia Equity Fund is investing in quality companies with a view toward the long-term."

About the Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund, Inc. (NYSE: IAF)
  • Launched in 1985, the fund invests exclusively in Australian securities.
  • 97.5% of assets are invested in stocks included in the Australian Stock Exchange’s 200 Leaders Index.
  • The fund invests $272 million on behalf of clients (as of May 2011)
  • For more information, including current portfolio manager commentary, visit http://www.aberdeeniaf.com/

“In the complex emerging Asian markets, it’s important for investors to have knowledgeable portfolio managers and investment teams imbedded in the region. Aberdeen’s Singapore and Australian teams represent some of most seasoned investment managers in the field,” concluded Malone.

About Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, parent of Aberdeen Asset Management Inc., was founded in 1983 and has over $290.4 billion of assets for both institutions and private individuals as of March 31, 2011. We have 1,800 employees, located across 30 offices in 23 countries. Our firm is recognized for its global and emerging markets focus with investment professionals located in the regions and markets in which they specialize.

Aberdeen Asset Management is one of the world’s largest asset managers of emerging market closed-end funds and investment trusts by value and number. 1 Aberdeen directly manages eight NYSE-listed closed-end funds including our largest U.S. listed fund, Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund (AMEX NYSE: FAX ) along with Aberdeen Israel Fund (AMEX NYSE: ISL ), Aberdeen Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund (AMEX NYSE: ETF ), Aberdeen Indonesia Fund (AMEX NYSE: IF ), Aberdeen Chile Fund (AMEX NYSE: CH ), Aberdeen Global Income Fund (AMEX NYSE: FCO ), Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund (AMEX NYSE: IAF ) and Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund (AMEX NYSE: LAQ). Aberdeen serves as investment sub-adviser to two other closed end funds managed by First Trust Advisors L.P. Aberdeen's range covers a broad array of regions, asset classes and sectors, from our largest U.S.-listed fund, the Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund (AMEX NYSE: FAX), to those with a regional focus and even country-specific funds.

Investors should consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. A copy of the prospectus for Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund, Inc. that contains this and other information about the fund may be obtained by calling 866-839-5205. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Investing in funds involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Aberdeen Asset Management is the marketing name in the U.S. for the following affiliated, registered investment advisers: Aberdeen Asset Management Inc., Aberdeen Asset Management Investment Services Ltd., Aberdeen Asset Management Ltd. and Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Ltd. (collectively, the ‘Aberdeen Advisers’). Each of the Aberdeen Advisers is wholly owned by Aberdeen Asset Management PLC. “Aberdeen" is a U.S. registered service mark of Aberdeen Asset Management PLC

1 Fund Consultants LLC, Feb. 2011. Criteria for emerging markets inclusion is Standard & Poor’s Emerging Markets Database. Criteria for fund inclusion is at least 75% gross assets invested in emerging markets.

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