SHY: iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF ( SHY) has the highest amount of assets under management, $8.2 billion, and an average daily trading volume just under 1 million shares. The expense ratio is .15% and it's been in existence since July 2002.

The yield is .98% and 1-year return as of May 2011 is 1.70%. With yields this low, you might consider this ETF and its competitors similar to cash on the sidelines or safe-parking. Competitive issues include Vanguard's VGSH, begun in November 2009 with similar holdings and an expense ratio of .15%, AUM of $121 million, daily trading volume 18K shares and similar returns and yield; Schwab's SCHO tracking the same index but with a slightly lower expense ratio of .12% and AUM of $110 million; PIMCO's TUZ tracking BofA Merrill Lynch 1-3 Year Treasury Index with an expense ratio of .09% begun in June 2009 with AUM of $107 million.

Data as of May 2011

SHY Top Ten Holdings & Weightings

  1. US Treasury Note 1.25%: 14.36%
  2. US Treasury Note 0.75%: 9.00%
  3. US Treasury Note 1.75%: 7.51%
  4. US Treasury Note 1.375%: 6.70%
  5. US Treasury Note 0.75%: 5.56%
  6. US Treasury Note 1%: 5.23%
  7. US Treasury Note 1.125%: 5.06%
  8. US Treasury Note 1.75%: 3.59%
  9. US Treasury Note 1.375%: 3.13%
  10. US Treasury Note 1.375%: 2.65%

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