LAS VEGAS (TheStreet) -- Beer -- the unofficial beverage of summer -- is making a splash. And why not? Even the president drinks beer, although his recent downing of a Guinness in Ireland is not nearly the moment in history achieved by his infamous Beer Summit. Beer has stepped into the spotlight in a major way since Bud Light, Sam Adams, Blue Moon and Buckler graced the White House lawn and now is the star of the show, headlining food pairings, tasting menus and personalized flights!

TravelsinTaste sought out some of the most unique offerings:

In Las Vegas, the land of excess, The Pub at Monte Carlo ( MGM - Get Report) boasts more than 250 beers and gives customers the opportunity to create their own tasting menus and personalized flights (to the sound of personalized play lists from dueling pianos). Selections include limited-reserve beers such as Red Hook 841 or Samuel Adams ( SAM - Get Report) Opus in addition to unique combinations such as Snakebite (Woodchuck Pear and Harp), Chocolate Berry (Framboise and Chocolate Stout) and Black Smith (Smithwick's and Guinness).

The Outdoor Patio at Pub at Monte Carlo

Want to drink your way through the entire menu? Guests can earn a Beer Locker by enjoying all 136 beers on tap or by spending $5,000 on beer within one year. With that you get your very own engraved gold name plate on the door, a special key, personalized beer mug, list of the owner's favorite beers and one year bragging rights of ownership.

For the economically conscious, Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo ( LVS - Get Report) has $15 pairs of lighter bites such as corn oysters with pepper jelly; kicked-up fish tacos with black bean salsa; beef sliders with caramelized onions, bleu cheese and sweet potato fries; and boudin boulette with Sam Adams Lager and Light, New Belgium Somersault and Fat Tire.

If celebrity watching and sun worshipping is a must, the ever-popular Lavo has opened its terrace -- a beer garden on the Strip with special $5 beers accompanied by mini pizzas, truffle parmesan fries and chicken scarpariello wings.

Chef Daniel Angerer promises to blow your mind with his pairings at The Little Cheese Pub ( Klee Brasserie's sister restaurant) in New York: Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier with its malty, banana flavor profile paired with Bergkase, an Austrian, alpine cheese with a nutty, meaty taste; Porkslap Farmhouse Ale, Stout Grattsville, reminiscent of toast, chocolate and spice paired with Valedon Bleu, a Spanish cow and goat milk with an assertive buttery taste. He promises to change your opinion about beer with Rodenbach Ale from Roeselare, Belgium, with an amazing raspberry and citrus flavor profile paired with Tumbleweed, a raw cow milk cheese from Pennsylvania's 5 Spoke Creamery.

Chase Rabenn, assistant beer director at Colicchio & Sons, takes beer very seriously, but with whimsy as well, and delights in converting former beer haters to true fans. His newest creation is the Spring Fever beer flight, a trio of Pikeland Pils, Hop Sun and Cellar Door. Rabenn tells us it is "perfect for this long-awaited spring heat. The Pikeland Pils from Pennsylvania's Sly Fox Brewery is one of the best domestic Pilsners out there. It is light, crisp and clean and provides subtle notes of orange and cinnamon deep in the background. The Southern Tier Hop Sun from New York is a wheat ale disguised as a pale ale. It has the classic malty character of a pale ale with a slightly hoppy finish, but the use of wheat lightens up the Hop Sun and gives it a gentle yeasty quality. Finally, the Stillwater Cellar Door Saison from Baltimore, Md., has an overall light and refreshing character with sharp notes of citrus and pepper. What makes the Cellar Door different from other Saisons is its use of white sage -- its extra herbaceous bite makes it an amazing brew for food pairings."

For decadence one looks to Tenpenny's partner Jeffrey Tascarella, who pairs a glass of Michter's Rye and a Lagunitas India Pale Ale with chef Christopher Cipollone's Heritage pork rack with savory apple pie, dandelion greens and bourbon sauce in the restaurant's Drunken Taste Menu -- enough said!

Finally, for the heat of summer, Japanese-Korean barbecue spot Takashi marinates its beef in a soy, sesame and apple-based marinade before grilling, resulting in an intense flavor begging for a crisp beer. Partner Saheem Ali suggests Tusker Export, a nod to his Kenyan nationality, a perfect match due to its grassy notes. Kin Shop chef and former Top Chef Harold Dieterle has a number of spice-friendly international beer selections -- focusing on small, craft producers to go along with the contemporary Thai fare.

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