The Phoenix Companies announced today the introduction of the Phoenix Personal Income Annuity. This new offering is a single premium indexed annuity with six indexed accounts, a fixed account, principal protection from investment loss and an optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB). The annuity also includes two GLWB rider options that allow an individual to either draw income immediately or begin at a future date. The new product will be distributed through Saybrus Partners, Phoenix’s distribution subsidiary.

“Over the last year, retirees and pre-retirees have continued to express their desire for tools that will provide a stream of retirement income and the flexibility to customize the product to meet their individual needs,” said Mark Fitzgerald, National Sales Manager for Saybrus Partners. “We believe the Phoenix Personal Income Annuity provides the added income customization customers want while offering the principal protection and potential for upside growth they expect from an indexed annuity.”

The Phoenix Personal Income Annuity features two unique rider options that allow for increased income customization:
  • “Income Strategy: Today” - Designed for individuals looking for guaranteed income within three years of issuance, the Income Strategy: Today rider offers the flexibility to elect income immediately or, for greater income potential, delay withdrawals for up to two years. It credits the Benefit Base with a cumulative bonus of 30% at issue, 37½% after the first year and 45% after the second year.
  • “Income Strategy: Tomorrow” - Provides future income predictability for individuals planning to delay income for three or more years. Furthermore, it credits the Benefit Base annually with 14% simple interest roll-ups during the first 10 years, provided that no withdrawals are taken in this period.

Phoenix Personal Income Annuity offers customers a choice of accounts including six indexed accounts with earnings based on a one year point-to-point crediting method and one indexed account with earnings based on a monthly point-to-point crediting method. Depending on the state in which it is purchased, either an indexed account with earnings based on a two year point-to-point crediting method or an indexed account with earnings based on a five year point-to-point credit method are also available. In addition, the Phoenix Personal Income Annuity offers a fixed account that credits interest daily at a specified rate guaranteed for one year.

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