Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (OTCBB: TPAC.OB) announced today that spherical bearings from its China subsidiary continue to pass independent laboratory testing under SAE Aerospace Standard 81820. The company also announced that Bill McKay has been named General Manager of Godfrey Guangzhou Aerospace Bearings, the bearing manufacturer in China and Godfrey (China) Limited’s wholly owned foreign entity (“WFOE”). Godfrey (China) Limited is Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company's 25%-owned subsidiary.

The bearings have now successfully passed axial load tests, bond integrity and peel strength tests, radial and axial play tests, conformity tests, radial static limit load tests, ultimate load tests, no-load rotational torque breakaway tests, dimensional tests and the first of six oscillation tests when exposed to fluid contaminants.

The company announced earlier this month that the bearings had passed 25,000 cycle testing at ambient temperature.

"We are very happy with bearing performance under some very harsh testing conditions,” said Bill McKay, Trans-Pacific Aerospace CEO. “The bearings are surpassing requirements by a healthy margin, and we are confident that they will not only pass the remaining fluid contaminant and temperature tests but that the U.S. Navy will have comparable results in their testing.”

Bearings made by Godfrey Guangzhou Aerospace Bearings, the wholly owned foreign entity of Godfrey (China) Limited will be submitted to the U.S. Navy for official qualification testing after the balance of independent testing. Should the bearings pass U.S. Navy qualification testing, the China facility will become the first approved manufacturer of SAE-AS81820 bearings in China.

Bill McKay was also named General Manager of the WFOE.

“We think that it's important that the WFOE be managed by someone with a strong background in and knowledge of this business and Bill is that person,” said Peter Liu, Chairman of Godfrey China. “He and his team worked very hard to produce these bearings and we're confident that he'll work hard to insure the continuing success of the project."