With fuel prices spiking upward, fleet managers are rightly concerned about this major budget line item. A new ePaper from Networkfleet, Inc. titled “ Don’t Sit Idle While Fuel Costs Rise” provides details on how fleet management technology can hedge against rising fuel costs. Using GPS fleet tracking and engine diagnostic monitoring, fleet managers can implement more efficient routing, reduce speeding and reign in excessive idling, which can permanently lower fuel costs by as much as 20 percent.

Included in the Networkfleet ePaper are specific actions fleet managers can take to analyze fleet operations and reduce costs. Those that have implemented online fleet management systems report a quick ROI, due primarily to significant savings in fuel and other operating costs.

Fuel-saving features enabled by Web-based fleet management include:
  • Alerts and reports for idling and speed violations
  • Fuel card reports that track fuel transactions and identify unauthorized fuel purchases
  • Fuel usage reports for detailed purchase and MPG monitoring
  • Routing capabilities to dispatch drivers more efficiently and reduce overall driving distances
  • Diagnostic tools to help keep engines in optimal condition and increase fuel performance

Several fleets are profiled in the ePaper, including the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) of Riverside County, Calif., which reduced fuel costs by $79,000 in the first six months of using the Networkfleet GPS fleet management system.

“We initially focused on drivers’ habits such as speed and idle time that have a huge impact on fuel usage,” said Mark Iverson, EMWD maintenance director. “However, we were also able to use the Networkfleet system to improve routing. By making more efficient use of our vehicles, we lowered the average number of miles driven per vehicle, further reducing our fuel expenses.”

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper “ Don’t Sit Idle While Fuel Costs Rise” visit http://www.networkfleet.com/request/fuel-epaper/.

About Networkfleet, Inc.

Networkfleet, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless fleet management services that improve fleet efficiency by reducing fuel use, emissions and maintenance expenses. The company's technology combines vehicle diagnostic monitoring with an online GPS fleet tracking system. Networkfleet has more than 50 patents issued or pending surrounding remote diagnostics and has received numerous awards for its technology. Founded in 1999, Networkfleet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hughes Telematics, Inc. and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit www.networkfleet.com.

About Hughes Telematics, Inc.

Hughes Telematics, Inc. (“HTI”) (OTCBB: HUTC and HUTCW) is a leader in implementing the next generation of connected services. Centered on a core platform of safety and security, the company offers a portfolio of location-based services for consumers, manufacturers, fleets and dealers through two-way wireless connectivity. In addition to owning Networkfleet, HTI is also the majority owner of Lifecomm, located in Atlanta, Ga., which plans to offer mobile personal emergency response services through a wearable lightweight device with one-touch access to emergency assistance. Additional information about HTI can be found at www.hughestelematics.com.

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