Wrist-device displays: Samsung talked about offering bendable polymer-plastic displays that would fit around your wrist much like a watch. The company did not address whether this would be a stand-alone smartphone of sorts, or something that would work in conjunction with an existing smartphone, and if so whether it would use Bluetooth (presumably) to communicate between these two. Apple has been rumored to consider a device of that general ilk, minus the bendable display.

Other companies such as Research In Motion ( RIMM) would also have the capacity to produce that kind of device, but there are no signs of actual product plans there that I have seen.

AirPlay: That's, of course, Apple's term for how to quickly and easily get the content on your laptop, smartphone or tablet to play on your TV. Samsung talked about countering this with WiFi-direct and WiFi-display architectures, delivering 1080p-encoded content at as much as 60 frames per second. Given that AirPlay is one of Apple's strongest ecosystem selling points today, and is driving the demand for the Apple TV device, one would therefore also assume that Samsung will soon offer a device similar to the Apple TV box, currently priced at $99.

RFID: Samsung showed versions of its Galaxy S 2 smartphone with RFID. Unlike Samsung's Nexus S model, which has been selling since December, the RFID chip did not rest in the back cover of the device, but rather was internal to device elsewhere. Apple has long been rumored to incorporate RFID in the iPhone 5, although this is in dispute. RIM will have RFID in all of its new smartphones that will be rolling out mostly in August, including the 9900 Bold on AT&T ( T) and T-Mobile, and the 9930 on Verizon ( VZ) and Sprint.

Cloud Phone: This may be Samsung's most interesting thing of all. Samsung revealed that it will offer a pure cloud smartphone in 2012. I have written repeatedly in recent articles about Google ( GOOG) offering its Chrome OS in tablet and smartphone form factors within one year from now, or two at the most. Google has officially denied any such plans, and I have said I don't believe these denials. It just makes too much sense.

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