Another kid-friendly concoction, Hasbro's ( HAS) Play-Doh, also hit the marketplace after failing in its original intent -- to be a cleaning substance for wallpaper.

Created in 1956 (and patented in 1965) by Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker, the brothers had initially cast aside their invention. Then, inspiration struck when a teacher casually mentioned her dissatisfaction with the hard, tough-to-shape clay her students used.

The soft, pliable wallpaper product began its new life when they offered to supply schools in the Cincinnati area with their squishy stuff. It was such a success that department stores took notice, leading to the formal branding and marketing of Play-Doh.

A variety of accessories have helped add to the millions of tons sold over the decades. Among them, the Play-Doh Fun Factory introduced in the 1960s, the Fuzzy Pumper Barber & Beauty Shop and a McDonald's ( MCD) play set.

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