Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: FLXT) http://www.flexpoint.com announced today that it has recently completed an update of its corporate website to include its new PowerPoint presentation.

The Sensor market is a rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar industry encompassing all mechanical control situations from simple voice response mechanisms, to sophisticated robotics, drug delivery systems and complex safety equipment. Within this enormous market, Flexpoint Bend Sensor has a broad range of potential applications in an array of industries. The Bend Sensor offers a versatile, robust variable resistance sensing technology capable of measuring changes in weight, pressure, distance, speed, patterns, etc.

The President of Flexpoint, Clark Mower, stated, “Due to recent advancements and numerous inquiries, we felt it appropriate to make sure that customers and shareholders fully understand our ability to penetrate these markets. We believe that the information will help investors gain better insight into our accomplishments, target markets, product timetables and revenue potential. As we optimistically advance into the second half 2011, and expand our marketing efforts, it was important to have a presentation that accurately reflects the company.”

Mower continued, “We expect our largest growth next year to come from the automotive, electronic, toy and entertainment industries in both the public and private sectors. We also want our customers and shareholders to fully appreciate our products and how they will integrate into these and other applications. We look forward to sharing additional advancements and applications in the near future.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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