Floodwater surrounds a building on Monday, May 9, in Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton assured citizens that disaster teams will do "everything possible to keep everyone safe" as the water is expected to slowly recede over the next few weeks.

The floods have forced hundreds of people from their homes, as authorities urged residents to evacuate the region. In Shelby County, about 500 people were staying in shelters, and several hundred others were staying with friends and family, Reuters reported.

While no new serious flooding is expected, officials still warned residents of the possible damaging effects of the high river.

"The river is in the cresting phase," said Steve Shular, spokesman for the Shelby County Office of Preparedness. "But we're still going to have problems for the next several days because the water is so high and it will keep the creeks and tributaries high as well."

"They don't call it the Mighty Mississippi for nothing," Shular said.

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