A bus is swept away by floodwaters in Satartia, Miss. on Monday, May 9.

The Mississippi River climbed to 47.85 feet in Memphis early Tuesday and is expected to crest Thursday in Tunica, Miss. at 59 feet, the Jackson, Miss.-based Clarion-Ledger reported.

As the tall waters stretch south, many main roads have been shut down throughout the Delta region.

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed by the rising water, and more damage is on the way, Clarion-Ledger said.

"The impact is worsening as the flood crest moves downstream," said Marty Pope, senior service hydrologist for the National Weather Service in Jackson. "We're above the 2008 level. So water will be going into areas from Greenville southward real soon that have never been reached before in modern times."

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