Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) today announced the latest upgrade to the company's font technology, Bitstream Panorama™ and Bitstream Font Fusion™. Bitstream Panorama is the worldwide text composition engine that enables developers to compose and render text in any language. New features in Panorama provide a faster, more efficient rendering solution and more options for font customization. Bitstream’s Font Fusion is a text rendering solution that offers developers the fastest rendering speeds and best possible text output of any font engine on the market today. New features in Font Fusion include a rich new set of APIs and support for a range of font formats. Both Panorama 6.0 and Font Fusion 6.0 are available now.

Bitstream Panorama 6.0

With Bitstream Panorama, OEMs and developers can layout, position, substitute and render characters in all of the world’s languages via a single, compact API. The latest version of Bitstream Panorama, version 6.0, builds on the strength of the product by offering enhanced support for software applications, low-resolution screen devices, high-definition television screens (HDTVs), set-top boxes, printers, smart phones and other embedded systems.

Bitstream Panorama 6.0 also includes updated supports for Eastern scripts, providing efficient font rendering and easy integration. In addition, new support for string operations, glyph transformation, font styles and filters provide more options for font customization.

Bitstream Panorama 6.0 also includes:

· Support for Thai shaping and OpenType rules

· Enhanced support for the Unicode line breaking algorithm

· Better support for TV screens

· Enhanced font weight management and formatting support with font ratio, shadow width and shadow color

Bitstream Font Fusion 6.0

Bitstream’s Font Fusion provides the highest quality, fastest text output on any device, at any resolution. Its small footprint is particularly well suited for mobile devices. It can render virtually any font format, including bitmap, TrueType and OpenType.

Version 6.0 of Font Fusion is faster than previous versions, consumes less memory and offers a rich new set of APIs. Font Fusion 6.0 supports a variety of font formats, including Web Open Font Format (WOFF), OpenType fonts, Multiple Master Postscript Fonts, and Type1 fonts, and provides an optional Android wrapper add-on which enables an Android application developer to use Font Fusion's fast, high quality font rendering in an Android environment.

Font Fusion 6.0 also includes:

• An enhanced font manager developed specifically to provide high-quality, faster rendering from multiple fonts

• The addition of 32-bit filter tags for increased font customization and optimization for several font related structures

Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research and development at Bitstream, said “The release of 6.0 is the latest development in Bitstream’s long line of innovations designed to offer unparalleled text composition and rendering no matter what language is used or what device is displaying the text. With our single compact API, OEMs and developers can now more easily meet the demands of a global marketplace and bring the world's languages to their devices."

About Bitstream

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