So first let me summarize the quarter. As you can see, we delivered revenue of about $100 million, within our expected range, and this is despite a $7 million year-on-year decline from our top two accounts due to their product portfolio transitions.

This is what we had been communicating for the past couple of quarters, and I was pleased to see that we were able to offset this temporary decline with new business growth from accounts like HP, RIM, Dell, and Phillips, as well as additional volume in our interpretation segment. So the sales engine that we began to invest in a couple of quarters ago is really finally beginning to kick in.

A second issue, you can see from our stronger than expected revenue forecast for Q2, we expect Q1 to be the end of our three-quarter revenue flatness. This is a little earlier than I had actually thought, but our second quarter revenue is ramping above plan, for two reasons. First, growth from our recent new business wins, as I mentioned above, and strengthening demand from our major accounts. It seems if these are coming in a month or two sooner than we had anticipated.

I'll get into the details of Q2 shortly, but it's clear that we're seeing a broad-based demand across all of our segments. Q1 gross margins were below planned. They were a little bit of a disappointment, but we've seen this before. And this is due to a ramp of new accounts and segment and customer mix during the quarter. We expect these margins to improve in the second quarter, and grow steadily in the second half, as major accounts return and new business ramps. This has happened in other transitional quarters. Those of you that have followed the company before.

We were able to keep G&A flat, despite really extraordinary currency swings, and our continued significant investments in our SAS technology offerings. So we're managing our overhead expenses reasonably well. GAAP net income was a loss of $3.3 million or about $0.06 a share, expense restructuring. That's a decline year-on-year as I mentioned, related to the gross margin impact of that customer and segment mix.

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