Boise Inc. (NYSE: BZ) is launching Project UP TM, a new civic sustainability initiative through its Boise ® ASPEN ® brand of recycled papers. Project UP seeks to transform distressed urban spaces throughout North America into revitalized, usable parks for communities to enjoy. To achieve this, Boise has partnered with the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). ACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the environment where people live and work through tree planting, care, conservation and education.

“ACT welcomes Boise as its newest partner in helping to create cleaner, greener and healthier communities,” says Ray Tretheway, President of ACT. “Urban trees and green spaces improve public health by encouraging play and outdoor activity, enhance nearby property values, and benefit storm water management. The impact of Project UP will be noticed and appreciated by everyone in a community.”

Through Project UP, Boise will donate a portion of the proceeds from each carton sold of Boise ASPEN 30, ASPEN 50 or ASPEN 100 multi-purpose recycled papers to the revitalization of urban park spaces. In partnership with ACT, Boise will choose a specific park project to complete in a metropolitan area and will be a Gold Level Sponsor of the 2011 National NeighborWoods TM Month, an ACT initiative to engage the public in hands-on action to improve community health through tree planting and stewardship.

Changes in economic conditions can often leave urban spaces undeveloped or unkempt. These areas may be seen as hopeless or unusable. Boise sees the value in these underutilized areas and seeks to renew them for the betterment of the community through Project UP.

“At Boise, we see value in paper that was once considered waste and strive to unlock its potential by transforming it into premium office papers,” says Terry Stepney, Boise ASPEN brand manager. “By taking that used paper and turning it into new paper, we are also diverting waste from landfills.” Boise ASPEN recycled multi-purpose papers are high quality and carry certification from either the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC ®) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative™ (SFI™) and are performance certified by Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) after passing rigorous performance tests.

With these features, Boise ASPEN goes beyond recycled content and we know that finding the potential in something goes beyond paper. Through Project UP, we strive to unlock the potential in our communities, our environment, and ourselves to create a responsible, livable future we all can enjoy.

About Boise Inc.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Boise Inc. (NYSE: BZ) manufactures packaging products and papers including corrugated containers, containerboard, label and release and flexible packaging papers, imaging papers for the office and home, printing and converting papers, newsprint, and market pulp. Our employees are committed to delivering excellent value while managing our businesses to sustain environmental resources for future generations. Visit our website at

About Alliance for Community Trees

Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and livability of cities by planting and caring for trees. With nearly 200 local member organizations in 42 states and Canada, ACT engages volunteers to take action to improve the environment where 80% of people live - in urban areas. ACT member organizations have planted and cared for over 15 million trees with help from over 5 million volunteers since its founding in 1993. For more information about National NeighborWoods TM Month and other ACT programs, visit

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