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Over the weekend, there were two additional negative data points.

First, China raised bank reserve requirements for the fourth time in order to slow down inflation. Reserve ratios will rise a half point on April 21, with the People's Bank of China pushing the requirement to a record 20.5% for the biggest lenders.

Second, Goldman Sachs ( GS) Economist Jan Hatzius cut first-quarter 2011 GDP forecasts from 2.5% to 1.75%. (The firm's projection was 3.5% only a month or so ago!)

A week ago, I wrote a column, " Apocalypse Soon," which outlined, in a comprehensive way, the ingredients for a market fall.

On Thursday in The Edge (my exclusive RealMoney Silver trading diary), I suggested in "Apocalypse Soon? Apocalypse Now!" (reprinted below) that a market correction was looming ever closer.
In Monday morning's opening missive, "Apocalypse Soon," I set the stage for a more cautious market view.

That view was based on a number of factors:
  1. higher oil and input prices;
  2. a debased U.S. currency, lingering budget concerns and political partisanship, which could jeopardize a budgetary compromise (and resolution);
  3. screwflation of the middle class and its inevitable impact on economic growth and corporate profits;
  4. the specter of structural unemployment;
  5. the absence of a recovery in home prices;
  6. the fiscal and monetary "stabilizers" are soon to be taken off;
  7. vulnerability to consensus 2011 growth projections, corporate margins and profitability;
  8. the euro sovereign debt crisis, thought to be contained, has continued to spread;
  9. a relatively anemic recovery exposes the economic cycle to the vulnerability of more black swans (and tail risk), which are occurring with greater regularity; and
  10. investor sentiment has moved to a lopsidedly bullish extreme.
I believe that column "bears" rereading, as it might be one of the times that I will be proven (and have the timing) correct -- and for the right reasons!

Apocalypse soon?

Maybe Apocalypse now.

Both columns "bear" re-reading this morning.

Indeed, since their writing, the market conditions have deteriorated further:
  1. Consumer nondurable issues have outperformed, a classical sign of a more defensive market.
  2. Former market-leading stocks -- namely, Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) -- have begun to underperform.
  3. First-quarter earnings reports have been disappointing and, when combined with No. 4 below, render the $95-a-share consensus S&P forecasts for the year more problematic.
  4. The price of energy products and other input prices show little signs of moderating.
Finally, even though the buy-on-the-dip mentality is very much in place, Mr. Market's technical condition has eroded further. Buyers are not as aggressive as in November 2010's correction, which presaged another up leg - for instance, unlike November 2010, there has not been a 90%-plus up day. Moreover, of late, short-term oversolds have gotten deeper.

Stated simply, get defensive.

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