When Will Interest Rates Rise? Ask the CEOs

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- With the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program scheduled to end in June, some market observers wonder if an increase in interest rates is an eventuality.

This week's question: When do you see interest rates rising and what impact would that have on the economy and your business?

USA Technologies CEO George Jensen

USA Technologies ( USAT) Chairman and CEO George Jensen: "Many of our customers operate food and beverage vending machines, who have been experiencing rising costs. However, they have not concomitantly raised their prices because of the limited ability a vending machine offers to change in the vend price, say from $1 to $1.10."

People just don't walk around with change in their pocket, so vending sales consequently plummet. Now, with our cashless payment system, customers don't need to root around for that extra dime or quarter -- they can just slide their card."

So, we believe the fact that we are seeing increased demand for our products is related to underlying inflationary pressures and an imminent increase in interest rates."

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