11. VALE ( VALE) is a metals and mining giant producing iron ore and iron ore pellets.

The company reported record operating income, margins and earnings for 2010. Operating revenue reached a new high of $21.7 billion, 40% higher than the previous all-time high in 2008. Net income reached an all-time high of $17.3 billion during 2010, up 31% from the earlier high of $13.2 billion in 2008. Operating margin for 2010 was 48%, best amongst peers.

Sales of bulk materials such as iron ore, pellets accounted for 74% of operating revenue in 2010, up from 64% in 2009. Asia's contribution to overall revenue dipped, while Europe's share increased during this period.

Vale invested $12.7 billion for maintaining existing assets and exploiting multiple organic growth opportunities, and an additional $ 6.7 billion for financing acquisitions. Analysts expect the stock to deliver gains of 27% in the next one year. The stock is trading at 6.7 times its estimated 2011 earnings.

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