Lance Armstrong
Earlier this year, Lance Armstrong, winner of seven straight Tour de France titles, announced what he called "Retirement 2.0."

Armstrong has long been an acclaimed but controversial athlete. He achieved his greatest success after surviving testicular cancer, but has continually been dogged by rumors and outright accusations of performance-enhancing drugs and "blood doping."

In 2005, after his seventh Tour de France victory, Armstrong announced he would retire, going out at the top.

In 2008, he pedaled back into the spotlight, saying he would compete in the 2009 Tour de France. As announced on his website, the return to competitive cycling was intended to raise further awareness of "the global cancer burden" and financially bolster the Lance Armstrong Foundation, known more commonly as Livestrong .

As for his most recent retirement, during a conference call with reporters, Armstrong fueled rumors that a Retirement 3.0 might be in the offing some day, quipping "never say never" but quickly adding, "just kidding."

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