The Who
"I hope I die before I get old."

OK, it's a cheap shot to hold The Who to an oft-quoted lyric from the song "My Generation." It is also a dig many have been able to take, because the band refuses to shut off their amps and pack up.

Long before The Who took the stage for one of the lamest Super Bowl halftime shows in recent memory (one may have to think back to Elvis Presto's 3-D card trick back in 1989 to find one more cringe-worthy), the band had announced it was retiring.

In 1982, after the release of the album It's Hard and Townsend's rehab from heroin use, the band announced a farewell tour. By 1985, however, they snuck back onstage as part of the charity Live Aid concert. By 1989, they were on the road again to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Despite the death of bassist John Entwistle in 2002, Townsend and Daltrey have continued to play live, including a European tour in 2004.

In recent weeks, amid rumors of yet another Who tour, Daltrey is once again talking up retirement, telling interviewers that he sees, at best, two or three more years of rock 'n' roll for him before pursuing the more serene life of an artist. We'll believe it when the last guitar is smashed.

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