Tiki Barber
Last month, a Twitter post announced that one-time NFL running back Tiki Barber, 36, was planning a return to the field: "BREAKING NEWS ... Tiki Barber has filed the papers with the NFL to officially come out of retirement," the tweet from his agent read.

Barber had retired in 2007 from the New York Giants, walking away from a contract that would have netted him more than $8 million the next year. Instead, he made the plunge into media, earning $300,000 a year as a correspondent for NBC, appearing on the Today Show and Sunday night's Football in America broadcast.

That burgeoning television career came to an abrupt end when the network released him, citing a "morality clause" in his contract. Barber had left his pregnant wife to hook up with a 23-year-old intern.

Assuming a lockout doesn't spike next season, the Giants would have first crack at Barber because he retired midcontract. Don't expect that to happen. Barber has gone on to alienate fans for critical, dismissive comments he has made toward his former coach, Tom Coughlin, and his quarterback, Eli Manning (who went on to win the Super Bowl the year after Barber's departure). Officially, the Giants have said they will release him from their reserve/retired list once a collective bargaining agreement is reached.

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