10 Celebrity 'Fake-Out' Retirements

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- We hear more and more these days of retirees returning to the workplace.

The need for more money is a major cause. Others go back to the grind because they grow bored with a life of supposed leisure. Others take the opportunity to try their hand at something new, or satisfy entrepreneurial desires.

The rich, famous and infamous are not much different than everyday folks in that regard. Time and time again we hear of how celebrities, entertainers and athletes are riding into the sunset, only to see them return when their bank accounts dip and the paparazzi move on. Some have reneged multiple times. How can we miss them if they won't go away?

The following are some high-profile "fake out" retirements:

Stephen King
Back in January 2002, horror fans got quite a scare when best-selling author Stephen King announced he would retire.

But, like one of those scary movie killers who manage to keep popping up after everyone thinks they're gone, King's writing just couldn't be dispatched so easily.

King's retirement plans were an after-effect of the injuries sustained when he was almost killed by a van while walking along a Maine roadway. For many months, debilitating pain made it nearly impossible for him to sit upright long enough to put word to paper.

Despite the pain he still suffers, King has long since abandoned his retirement.

Since the accident he has penned a column for Entertainment Weekly and published six novels and novellas and two collections of short stories. He has also announced two novels on the way over the next 12 months.

Pretty prolific for someone with plans to ride off into the sunset.

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