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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Americans are getting what they voted for. The insistence of the U.S. electorate in continuing to endorse its two-party dictatorship at the ballot box is what emboldens these hypocritical aristocrats to play their political games.

In one corner, we have the banker-serving Obama administration. Their one and only concern is to serve Wall Street with the utmost fidelity, in hopes that their masters will reward them with a second term in office. Their mouthpiece is the always-inept, Tim-the-tax-cheat Geithner.

The Geithner rhetoric over this impasse at (inevitably) raising the U.S. "debt ceiling" can be characterized as a variation of the same "too big to fail" blackmail which Wall Street successfully parlayed into a $15 trillion bailout/hand-out. If Congress doesn't rubber-stamp an increase in the debt ceiling, then "the sky will surely fall," claims Chicken Little.

In another corner we have the schizophrenic Republican Party. One "personality" fills the role of ventriloquist-dummy for the incoherent rabble which has dubbed itself the (new) "Tea Party." The Tea Party Republicans claim that the "best way" to get the U.S.'s out-of-control debt/deficit crisis under control is to simply "crash" the U.S. economy into its debt ceiling.

By this logic, the "best way" to slow a motor vehicle which is traveling much too fast is to simply steer toward the nearest brick wall. Tea Party zealots insist that the inevitable economic carnage of "crashing" the world's largest economy (and world's largest deadbeat-debtor) by choking off any additional credit is unavoidable. They claim it is "the only way" to get the elected representatives of the U.S. government to "do the right thing."

Essentially, this is simply the mirror-image of the Geithner position. "You must rubber-stamp more debt or the U.S. economy will crash," insists Geithner. "If we crash the U.S. economy, you can't authorize any new debt," counters the Tea Party rabble. Neither position has any merit. Even the most rabid/insane Tea Party crusader understands that it is utterly impossible for the hopelessly insolvent U.S. economy to "balance its budget" today. Thus, this is all just theater and brinksmanship by both sides. The born-again "budget hawks" in the Republican Party are nothing but posers -- vainly attempting to look like they are "getting tough on spending."

If these "hawks" got everything they are demanding, they would reduce the official budget deficit by about 4%. And it must be noted that the "official" U.S. deficit only represents about 1/4 of the total increase in the U.S. government's total debts and liabilities. This means that this entire "war" is actually about an amount equal to 1% of the increase in U.S. indebtedness. Can any rational individual actually claim that intentionally trying to "crash" the U.S. economy simply to nibble 1% off of the current year's (real) deficit represents "responsible government"?

What makes the Republican posturing about the debt-ceiling so despicable is that the other half of this schizophrenic personality (the party "leadership") is even more committed to serving Wall Street than the Obama regime. Thus, irrespective of what transpires during the short-term theatrics now taking place, they will ultimately give the Obama regime (and Wall Street) exactly what they want: infinite quantities of new debt.

Meanwhile, Chicken-Little Geithner's posturing is equally hypocritical. If the Treasury Secretary was really "worried" about the solvency of the U.S. economy, he wouldn't keep stuffing blank-checks into the pockets of Wall Street bankers at every opportunity. If the Treasury Secretary was really worried about the U.S. economy "crashing," he wouldn't have taken a long nap throughout the entire U.S. housing bubble -- while he was President of the New York Fed (and the regulator directly responsible for overseeing Wall Street).

Geithner cares no more about the U.S. economy than he cares about being honest on his tax returns. His sole motivation is to continue the gravy-train for his masters on Wall Street -- and to do that requires Congress to rubber-stamp infinite quantities of new debt.

The third corner of this dysfunctional triangle are the demoralized remnants of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House, and the beleaguered Democrat majority in the Senate. Their goal is to make the Republicans take responsibility for the U.S. budget, and any/all of the tiny spending cuts which eventually take place. With the U.S. government incompetent at every aspect of governance, the game played by the Republicans and Democrats is very simple: try to avoid being "responsible" for anything yourself, while trying to make the other guys "responsible" for everything.

What makes this permanent political charade truly pathetic and laughable is that when the inevitable "compromise" takes place between the two parties -- and the debt-ceiling is jacked-up yet again -- both parties will claim "responsibility" for reaching a compromise, while both blame the other for the actual substance of the compromise.

The sad fact is that neither party cares in the slightest about the people whose lives are directly affected by these selfish and childish political games. Media reports indicate about 800,000 U.S. government workers could be temporarily without pay if a deal is not reached this week. Like much of the American working-class, many of these employees are one missed-paycheck away from financial collapse -- which for many will mean losing their home.

What do the fat-cats in Washington "risk" as they play games with other peoples' lives? The absolute worst possible consequence is that some of these banker-serving aristocrats will be put out to pasture on their fat, lifetime, tax-free, government pension. Of course, with roughly 4/5 of U.S. electoral districts having been so severely gerrymandered that these representatives can never be voted out of office, for the vast majority of Washington's political class they have no worries or responsibilities (or accountability) of any kind.

Obviously this is not "responsible government." To get responsible government, the U.S. must have a real democracy -- and unless/until a viable third party is created, the lifetime appointees who comprise this two-party dictatorship will continue to serve only their fellow aristocrats.

Congratulations to the American voter for producing yet another 100% dysfunctional government!

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This commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet guest contributor program. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of TheStreet or its management.