Lawson Software (Nasdaq:LWSN) today introduced ViewPoint for Lawson Business Intelligence, a new analytic application builder that extends the value of Lawson Smart Office and Lawson Business Intelligence. Lawson ViewPoint helps users create personalized reports and dashboards without having to engage IT resources. It helps users explore data and get to the specific information they need, allowing them to cut through information overload. Lawson ViewPoint is generally available as of March 31, 2011 for the Lawson S3 Enterprise Management System. Lawson introduced the new offering during the 2011 Lawson Conference and User Exchange (CUE), which opened today in Boston.

ViewPoint for Lawson Business Intelligence functions as part of the Lawson Smart Office user environment. It helps improve overall usability because it helps the software user get to the right information and customize their own dashboards, aligning with their own preferences for how data is presented. So a user may prefer bar charts over pie charts, or perhaps they prefer to see data broken out in multiple views or as data grids. Lawson ViewPoint makes it easy for the user to obtain and work with data in their preferred view.

In addition, ViewPoint helps foster greater collaboration through intuitive, user friendly options. This includes the ability to send links to specific reports or dashboards, easy creation of discussion groups, and comment features for reports and dashboards. Data from Lawson S3 business applications as well as non-Lawson applications can be combined in a single view to help streamline analysis across disparate systems.

“ViewPoint blends the user productivity aspects of Lawson Smart Office with the analytic capabilities of Lawson Business Intelligence, while helping to simplify and enhance the overall user experience,” said Lee Kilmer, director of product management for Lawson. “Users can easily collaborate with others in the organization, which helps bring more meaning and context to data and reports. All of this can help lead to more effective use of data, better decisions and cost savings.”

Lawson ViewPoint allows Lawson customers to leverage existing investments in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Lawson Business Intelligence, and Lawson Smart Office. This helps streamline implementation and reduce new hardware requirements, helping to drive down the ‘total cost per answer’ associated with Business Intelligence projects.

Catholic Health East (CHE) is among the first Lawson customers to use ViewPoint for Lawson Business Intelligence. CHE is a multi-institution Catholic health system serving patients from Florida to Maine and employs approximately 54,000 people. The organization found that ViewPoint allowed users to combine multiple Lawson Business Intelligence reports into a single view. It also allowed users to explore data in greater depth and can help facilitate root cause analysis.

“We have seen a lot of different tools on the market to help us work with data. But Lawson ViewPoint stands apart because it really allows our individual users to create their own customized dashboards, which essentially allows them to have a meaningful dialogue with their data,” said Florence Doyle, vice president of supply chain for CHE. “Everyone interacts with data more effectively when it is presented in a format that meets their individual needs. Prior to Lawson ViewPoint, we would have to use significant IT resources if we wanted to reach this level of customization for individual users.”

“People are always looking for a single version of the truth when it comes to how they gather key business data,” added Kilmer. “Lawson ViewPoint not only helps users get to the most important data, but it also instills greater confidence in the information and allows for more effective collaboration within an organization.”

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