LONDON -- (Marketwire) -- 03/30/11 -- Global Technologies, Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: GTLL) sees the next evolution in proximity based marketing as a real-time GPS located matching of preferences across similar users and vendors. Historically, proximity marketing has not been tied to real-time content collection and distribution pulled from social-media streams and custom delivered based on user preferences.

The Collage design framework allows all levels of users, from individuals all the way to large organizations, to make available, and to collect, content based on the real-time matching of preferences and geographical location.

This framework technology and development platform provides a previously impossible capability of content consumption and distribution. With the advent of GPS-enabled handheld devices, people and groups with similar interests can automatically be matched, notified, and be delivered tailored content directly to the device. For example: People within an area might all be interested in 'pizza.' Not only would Collage automatically make available pizza locations to all users, but all pizza establishments would be notified of local interest levels and special promotions or incentives could be broadcast to the users.

In addition to its social-media content collection and matching, the Collage framework can provide an 'un-tethered' real-time portable version of Groupon's functionality.

The Company's targeted device platforms are Android based devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPad 2. The company believes its planned distribution channels already possess enough market-power to launch Collage as a worldwide social-media technology.

Collage supports Google HotSpots, Twitter, Facebook news, feeds, and market. Collage is further planned to support eBay, Amazon, and other social-media sites. The Company believes this new social-content based on real-time crowd-sourced interest filters is the next evolution of vendor communication and advertisement to customer and represents the next evolution of person-to-person awareness in real-time.

About Global Technologies Global Technologies, Ltd. (GTL) is a technology portfolio company that acquires technology assets to enhance their growth and development.