Minnesota Twins
Home stadium: Target ( TGT) Field
Average March 31 temperature: 41 degrees
Laugh at the Yankees' woes if you must, Minnesotans, but they weren't the sheltered little indoor turf team playing out in the cold, cruel world on that chilly day in 2003.

After nearly three decades sealed within the warm baggie of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, the Twins moved outdoors to Target Field last year. Temperatures were gorgeous and in the 70s, but even the Twins knew what could have been when they inserted an empty "Weather Protection Day" into the schedule a few days later just in case they were rained or snowed out.

Some Twins fans have gotten fairly defensive about the issue, wondering why Target Field is held to a higher standard than ballfields in Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh or Chicago, where it's just as likely to be cold or snowy. Maybe it's because newly elected baseball Hall-of-Famer Bert Blyleven told ESPN he still remembers pitching in snow flurries on Opening Day at the old Metropolitan Stadium. Maybe it's because, back in 2008, one of former Sen. Norm Coleman's platform issues was that he'd brought NHL hockey back to the state. Maybe it's because -- on the weekend before Major League Baseball's Opening Day -- the forecast still calls for high temperatures below freezing and lows of 11 to 15 degrees.

Want to convince everyone it's not too cold to have an outdoor stadium in Minnesota, Twins fans? Tell the team to stop ducking the weather and scheduling road games for the entire first week of the season ... again. Tell them to make their home opener a March 31 night game instead of an April 8 day game (with yet another "Weather Protection Day" built in on April 11). Why not? The Yankees are doing it.

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