Milwaukee Brewers
Home stadium: Miller ( TAP) Park
Average March 31 temperature: 40 degrees
Sure, the Brewers have a retractable-roof stadium and a heating system. That doesn't exactly help when Wisconsin's state pastime is tailgating.

Miller Park's roof closes and its heating system can crank temperatures up to 30 degrees warmer than than the bitter chill outside. That was little help on April 10, 2000, however, when the mercury dropped to 34 degrees and gave Milwaukee the second-coldest Opening Day in the past 10 years, according to Elias. At the time, the Brewers were playing in open-air Milwaukee County Stadium and weren't above kicking off the season with a little Wisconsin snow and sleet.

By the time Milwaukee tied its own record for cold openers with another 34-degree Opening Day on April 5, 2002, Milwaukee had learned its lesson and put the team in fans in much cozier confines. The Brewers dodge a March home opener this year by playing on the road in temperate Cincinnati before coming home April 4. What if it's freezing then? At least the beer will be cold. Besides, fans still have sausage and a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win to keep them warm.

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