NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- "iPad 2" is a heavily searched topic following reports that the release of newest Apple ( AAPL) tablet could be delayed because of the current crisis in Japan.

You Don't Need the iPad 2

According to market research firm iSuppli, at least five major components of the iPad 2 are manufactured by Japanese companies. Now consumers are worried that supply shortages could potentially delay the release of the tablet.

"While some of these suppliers reported that their facilities were undamaged, delivery of components from all of these companies is likely to be impacted at least to some degree by logistical issues now plaguing most Japanese industries in the quake zone," iSuppli's Andrew Rassweiler said in a blog post.

He said he expects that suppliers in Japan will encounter some difficulties shipping out needed products and parts.

"Aflac duck voice" is trending on Yahoo! as the insurance company continues to search for the new voice of its signature duck, after it fired comedian Gilbert Gottfried last week for making a number of distasteful jokes about the devastation in Japan.

"Japan is really advanced," Gottfried tweeted on Monday afternoon, "They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them."

Aflac ( AFL) quickly cut ties with the comedian following a string of similar comments.

"Think Quarterly" is a trending search term on the Internet after Google ( GOOG), the Internet giant, launched its new online magazine.

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