(Investrend Information Syndicate) -- Green energy and sustainability solutions company, E World (OTCBB: EWRL), has enrolled in the “Investrend OVT”(tm) platform. E World’s enrollment in the “OVT”(tm) (Outreach - Visibility - Transparency) program sends a clear message to its shareholders and potential investors that the company has made firm commitment to a fundamentals-driven, hyperbole-free presence in the Market that is rooted in best practices and full disclosure, and that the company’s first priority is to serve the financial community at-large.

Prior to late 2009, E World’s operations focused on television content and interactive media, primarily in Asia, producing successful programming such as the Chinese version of the “Next Top Model” franchise. The company has since re-invented itself, moving into the “green” arena, while keeping its revenue-generating media interests intact in order to provide both financial and promotional support for the company’s new direction.

Over the past year, Henderson, Nevada-based E World has been putting core building blocks of its new business model in place. Now, having acquired exclusive green energy brand distribution agreements, energy storage interests and proprietary technologies in wind and solar, E World has gained significant ground toward being a one-stop shop for energy solutions. “Our energy-related acquisitions and partnerships are central to our immediate plans,” said Gerry Shirren, E World’s CEO. “And we anticipate completing a range of new brand agreements soon that will give E World a major competitive edge,” Shirren added.

Having now worked to establish a viable position in its new market, E World has engaged Investrend to help carry the company’s message forward. Through the “Investrend OVT”(tm) program, E World will be keeping the Market informed of developments and progress, as the company implements its green business model, while Investrend acts as an information filter, striving to keep E World’s announcements and company news factually-rooted, clearly distinguishing editorial commentary and subjective descriptions from actionable facts.

To help assure the effective delivery of E World’s developing story, the “OVT”(tm) program will incorporate institutional reconnaissance, news placement assistance, e-communications management and sophisticated virtual tracking systems. In addition, E World will benefit from the full spectrum of associations and partnerships Investrend has cultivated over the last fifteen years.

“Our experience has shown us, conclusively, that investors appreciate not having to sift through the fluff and window dressing they’re bombarded with every day,” commented Todd Essary, Investrend’s CEO. “When a public company respects the Market, the Market respects the company. And, in turn, the company has its best chance to make real, steady progress.”